Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I don’t get much writing done lying on the couch…and that’s exactly where I’ve been off and on for two weeks. Last week I was sick and missed half a day of work, and this week I had a week-long migraine. Now I’m exhausted from not sleeping, and I don’t expect to get much done this week, either.
Larry, on the other hand, read through ¾ of the manuscript, made chapter notes for an outline, and should be done by our next meeting.
Then he got sick.
I suppose that’s how partnerships work. He’ll blaze for a while, then I’ll do the same. What’s really magical is when we’re blazing at the same time.
Partnerships imply 50/50, but they just can’t always be. Forest fires burn themselves out.
So now we’re just dry tinder waiting for the next spark.

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