Friday, March 4, 2011

Suffering *chuckle* Revision

          I expected the rewriting phase of our novel to be sheer torture—and that’s how it might end up—but apparently there will be a few gems to rediscover along the way.
Sitting in McDonald’s, I was going over some early chapters of the manuscript, and I chuckled at something I read. I don’t remember if Becky wrote it, or if I wrote it. It’s not even anything big or particularly memorable, because after all, I’ve forgotten it already, or I’d tell you what it was.
One small line brought the chuckle, and it brightened my day a little.
What else is in there that I’ve forgotten?
It won’t be like a reader seeing it for the first time, but a lot of time has gone by since I’ve seen those early chapters. I’ll have a different perspective, making it at least newish to me.
I read by feel, and it feels less rough than I expected. Becky’s style and my style blend well. Some things need reworded and some moved around, some things added, some deleted, some characters introduced earlier, and some need a bigger part.
But even so, it feels about right, like we’re on the right track.
Now I’m looking forward to getting back into it to see if I will discover another gem. And if I find enough unexpected chuckles, I just might make it through.

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AngelaParsonMyers said...

That was my experience when I revised When the Moon Is Gibbous and Waxing, too, and I was the only writer. But I'd nearly forgotten some of the things I wrote. I find a great deal of pleasure in polishing the gemstones in my writing and disposing of the gravel.