Monday, January 10, 2011


OK, I think it’s about time to call the cops.

Oh, there’s nothing wrong…well, I’m sure there’s plenty wrong, but it’s about time we find out what it is. Our story has a lot of “cop stuff” in it, and we need to know if we wrote them acting appropriately. Actually, we wrote them acting inappropriately quite a bit. Otherwise, what would be the fun of it? Our story is not complete and total slapstick—we don’t want our readers to suspend belief TOO much, but we do want it enjoyable. I think we’re looking for a reaction like “It could happen, I guess,” as opposed to a “No way in hell that would happen!”

I don’t personally know a cop, but I’m not above going up to one at McDonald's and asking a question or two. I’m always afraid if I ask too many questions, though, he’ll think I’m planning a heist or something, so I tend to limit my questioning. I happened to run across a cop who is interested in writing. He gave me his phone number and offered to help. When Becky and I get done writing all of our “cop stuff,” I’ll call him and arrange a meeting where we can interrogate him. Then we can rewrite to make it kinda accurate and believable.

So, why not get the info first so we don’t have to rewrite so much? We didn’t know where the story was going. I think few writers do. That’s why we need to wait until the last cop scene is written. We still don’t know, specifically, how it will turn out. There are a few areas where he might not be able to help us, like gunshot wounds and comas. And if not, I guess I’ll have to start ambulance chasing

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