Tuesday, March 13, 2012

IPT Wedgie

Our blogs keep getting further and further (farther and farther?) apart. Spring has sort-of arrived in the Midwest, so I’ve been outside moving decorative rock, preparing flower beds, and picking up tree debris in preparation for mowing. Last week I plopped down in my lawn chair and said to the squirrels, “I don’t care if I ever go back to work!”
Today the phone rings and I have an interview for a full-time, permanent position.
Morning is my writing/research time. Snapshot: I get out of bed, clean the litter box [wash hands] eat breakfast, and settle in front of my SAD light and go to it for a couple hours. And I occasionally revisit it an hour or two before supper time.
This morning I had an idea present itself from a dream. I’ve been working on a project independent from Larry, and I’ve decided to plot this one out before I begin writing. You know, just for grins to see how it goes. (It’s my “busy” work while I’m waiting for an installment on our joint effort from Larry!)
But a job…it’s going to eat into my Intellectual Pursuit Time! Just like Larry’s eats into his.
I’ve worked full time before and written novels. It’s definitely slower going, but it gets done. I’ll just have to rework my schedule. As many writers will tell you, it’s all about priorities. And scheduling.  

And priorities. 

So when I go to work, I’ll be exultant, because even though we’re not destitute, a bit of extra cash wouldn’t break my heart.
I’ll will, however, be sorely disappointed giving up my current Intellectual Pursuit Time.  It’ll still be here somewhere in my day, I’ll just have to wedge it into the schedule.

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