Sunday, July 31, 2011

Me sentimental? Never!

A few things you won’t hear about our book:

·         “unforgettable journey of the heart”
·         “heartbreaking, mysterious, and soulfully funny”
·         “tonight, on a very special Blossom”

Does that mean I’m not sentimental? Probably. Or maybe I’ve already had enough drama for a lifetime and I don’t need anybody else’s.
           Even so, after sorting through some boxes from my attic this week, I grew a bit melancholy. I e-mailed Larry and told him about finding old prom pictures, letters from track (in another life I was actually athletic), and notes passed to me in class when I should have been studying.
He said he was surprised that I was waxing sentimental.      
I have noticed that as I age the more sentimental I become, and maybe that’s typical. I don’t like it, though, all that touchy feely crap.
The non-sentimental side of me is what you’ll see in our novel. That’s how I am in everyday life, which is why Larry was so surprise by this secret part of my personality.
Give it another 30 years, and I’ll be packing up to go to the nursing home or a smaller town house, I’ll run across these things I’d forgotten, and it’ll bring back all the feelings that I have again boxed away.

Until then, here are a few things that actaully have been said about our novel:

·         Great pace and character development
·         WOW!!! I love how we’re learning about this - I can picture it.
·         This section is the appropriate level of gross, I think

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Angela Parson Myers said...

Doesn't surprise me that you're feeling a bit sentimental because you're right, we do get more sentimental as we get older. And had to laugh at "things that have been said about our book," specifically, "this is the appropriate level of gross." Because that comment is so right on.... : - )