Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Of lost hair and body parts

They say stress will kill you. So far I’m losing only my hair and my mind, but when limbs begin to fall off, I’ll let you know.
It’s times like these that having a writing partner is a blessing. You don’t have to carry the load alone—remembering all the details of the story, where you are, what you’ve changed, and what still needs to be done.
            As I sat counting my blessings and had reached my left pinky finger, I received this e-mail from Larry:
“Where are we at? I think we are at chapter 32 part 1 in the book but on my computer I have 3 different chapter 33s and one of those is 32 part 1. Didn't we just finish chapter 31 ending with, "Bella blacked out?" My 32 part 1 in the book starts out, "Svinster hated feeling helpless." I'm dazed and confused, wore out? Burnt out? I'm trying to cut back on Coke. Let me know where I need to start up again.”
Surprisingly, my scattered brain remembered. We had so dramatically revised chapters 29-31 that he needed to go over those again before we declared them finished.
Even so, we’re still ahead of schedule, and it’s thanks to him. I’ve had trouble with migraines my whole life and started dealing with chronic adrenal fatigue five years ago, which makes the migraines worse. I’m lucky to go even a week without having to take prescription medication for pain. I produce when I can, and sometimes my memory is better than others. Having Larry there for support as not only a writing partner, but also as a friend, makes more difference than anyone can know. I hope to eventually pull my act together and make him proud of me.
Right now, though, I’m dealing with migraines and hair loss, but when I start losing body parts, it may become more difficult to
ho y Cra ! there g es a fin er!


S.B. Stewart-Laing said...

I shed like crazy when I'm stressed. Since I generally keep my hair long, this annoys the living heck out of anyone who has the misfortune of sharing a shower with me. It comes back though, no worries :)

Becky said...

Thanks, S.B. I needed to hear that. I'm constantly digging hair out of my drain, and EEEEW! That's just really gross. Happy to know it's temporary!