Friday, April 29, 2011

Icer versus Glugger

I’m sittin’ here at McDonald’s, doin’ a lot of deep thinking. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two kinds of Coke people in this world: the kind who fills their glass most of the way full with ice and the kind who gets only a little ice.
Lotsa Ice Coke drinkers are the ones who think ahead and are willing to sacrifice. They know that as the day wears on that their Coke will be more watered down, but they can sip and enjoy the cool beverage longer.
Little Ice Coke drinkers are frugal and getting more Coke for their money. But they are prone to glugging it down in a hurry before it gets warm.
Oops, there is a third kind, like me, a combination of the two. I get little ice in the winter, because it stays cold longer anyway, and more ice in the summer, so it’ll last. That makes me a PlannerGlugger.
Coke personalities translate to writing styles. I am like the icer. Steady as she goes. The Turtle to the Hare. I take my time, and I get there.
Becky is a no-icer, glugging that sugar and caffeine and pounding out several pages at a time. She’s the Hare.
When we come together to write, we morph into the PlannerGlugger. Becky continues to pound the keyboard like crazy while I think and talk through possibilities. Occasionally, she’ll close the laptop and listen closely while I talk. She might comment or she might not. Then she whips the laptop back open and continues pounding away.
So while there’s no particular Coke Writing Type that is best, it’s important to know what yours is, its benefits and challenges, and work with that.
And having a partner gives it variety.

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