Monday, April 18, 2011

Exploits of patience

Larry picked a particularly timely topic for his last blog—my migraines. I’d had one for three days. But medicated, I could actually sit up, so I figured we should go ahead and try to work on the manuscript.
Did we accomplish much? Not really. My bad.
At one point I just stared at the wall for about 30 seconds trying to think of the word I needed to finish a sentence, but when I did, I couldn’t remember the point I wanted to make.
Seriously, Larry is a saint—his patience knows no bounds.  
Recently I told him that my life is a footrace between migraines. I sometimes have as many as four a month, some lasting for days. So the days I am feeling half way decent, I’m dashing around, making up for the stuff that didn’t get done when I was flat on my back in a dark room.
The short of it is that I’m stuck with headaches. Over the last decade, several specialists have told me it’s a chronic condition that I have to figure out how to live with. And a couple other specialists have told me that once I get through menopause, the headaches will lighten up, and maybe even go away. Then again, maybe not.
Regardless who has it right, currently my life is a dead run from headache to headache, trying to get the house picked up, groceries bought, litter boxes changed, and laundry washed. I never know when a migraine will strike, how bad it will be, or how long it’ll last, so when I feel halfway decent, I have to prioritize what gets done, how clean my house needs to be, how tall my grass can grow before the neighbors show up with pitchforks—
—and how little writing I can do before poor Larry starts tearing out his hair with both hands.
 Maybe next weekend it will rain, and I’ll be stuck inside at the computer. Maybe I will be able to spend an entire day on the manuscript. Maybe I can get several blogs written ahead.
Maybe at this week’s meeting, we’ll both be on fire, and Larry’s next blog will regale you with the productiveness of our exploits. So are you ready?
On your mark….
get set….

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