Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Slow on the Uptake

We’ve completed our novel and begun revision—that is to say Larry has begun revision. We’ve got only one hard copy, and I’ve been waiting my turn.
Occasionally, I’m a bit slow on the uptake. I don’t need to wait my turn. I can put it on my Kindle! I can make notes on my Kindle!
I had NO IDEA how easy it would be. So now I have the novel in compact, portable version and can work on it during lunch hour in the cafeteria, or at the lake, or at the doctor’s office, or whenever I have a few minutes.
Now I’m thinking that maybe revising doesn’t have to be accomplished only during set-aside hours one day a week (usually Sunday afternoons). I can work on revision any time that I have a few minutes and my Kindle—and I ALWAYS have my Kindle!
I don’t know yet how well this will work, but I compare it to keeping house. I can set aside an entire Saturday to sweep and do laundry and dust and the myriad of other housekeeping and yard chores…OR, I can clean up after myself every single day, do little bits at a time all week long, and housework won’t be such an enormous, exhausting chore once I do get to the weekend.
Ditto writing—I can just enjoy the rewriting process we’re presently in.
Enjoy revising?
Okay, maybe “enjoy” is an over romanticization of the task, but at least it won’t be so overwhelming when the weekend does arrive.
And, granted, eventually I’ll have to plant my butt in the chair and sit in front of the computer to input our notes, but I figure the more I can do away from my computer, the less time I’ll have to sit at it.
            Who wants to sit in front of the computer when the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the husband is packing the boat to go fishing?
Not me. I’m packing my Kindle and a whole lot of sunscreen!

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