Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hawk and Sparrow

Today, Larry’s nickname is Mr. Fickle Pants.
On one hand, he’s continually calling me bullheaded and difficult, yet on the other occasions, he has noted how I go out of my way to be nice. And although I suppose those two traits are not mutually exclusive, Mr. Fickle Pants needs to remember how many times I’ve given in and done something his way.
          Then last week he accused me of being agreeable.
As IF!
Also, for the record, we do have a way of breaking ties, he’d just forgotten, because he was busy being stubborn.
What? What was that? Mr. Levelheaded has a stubborn streak? The two of us in a room with a ball bat? Like a sparrow and a hawk!
So the next time anybody sees Mr. Fickle Pants, they might want to refresh his memory—we already have a way of breaking ties, the same tiebreaker we’ve used for over a year: We take our disagreements to our critique group and let them settle it.
Then when they choose my way, I take a spin on the I-told-you-so carousel.
Okay, so maybe I am a tad stubborn and difficult. So why does he even bother having me for a writing partner?
I can’t honestly say, but I’ll tell you what I do know. He’s not bored.

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