Friday, December 24, 2010

Larry's Calendar

OK, listen up, it’s Christmas time: time to give me a big Christmas present. I’m going to be hitting 60 pretty soon. Chances are I’m not going to be a big world famous author. I’m probably going to end up like millions of other writers, writing in obscurity, hoping to share their thoughts, their selves with others.
You see those day calendars for writers with motivational sayings on each day of the year. It is now my newest aspiration to have my words of wisdom on a day calendar. I’ve got all kinds of sayings, most of them unprintable. But one saying I do have stems from my procrastination and I find it helpful myself. So if there is anyone out there in cyberspace reading these words now it’s time for my Christmas present: tell someone who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who can get me on a calendar so I might help my fellow struggling writers. Imagine this:

December 22, Larry Jenkins,

            “Get off your ass and sit down and write.”

Now, isn’t that the most perfect writer’s saying? Tell someone!

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