Monday, December 13, 2010


Last night we were babysitting two of my grandchildren, Jake, 4 years old, and Emma, 2 years old. They are both angelic little ruffians. Jake and I built a Lego tower. We were admiring it as I steadied it with my hand. Emma pushed her shopping cart full of imaginary groceries over to look at our handiwork. She put her tiny finger on mine, which was sporting a purple nail from being injured weeks ago.
            “Owie?” she asked, looking at me with the sweetest concerned expression. I almost melted when she leaned over to kiss my “owie.”
            That perfect moment is one I won’t soon forget. It wasn’t a weepy, break down and cry moment. It was more of an “AHHHH” moment.
            But, how could I describe it to anyone else? I’d love to be able to write good enough to relay to others how that little kiss made me feel. I’m not sure it’s even possible.
            Becky has a fit when I try to write something “sappy,” but I try anyway. She thinks I’m wasting my time and that my talent lies in writing humor, which, I guess, evokes emotion. I want my writing to touch someone in some way. I want them to remember or think about something I’ve written for a while after they’ve read it.
For now though, that little kiss makes everything feel better.

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