Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A, B, C, E, I, and J

Last night Becky and I were working on sequencing scenes in several chapters. Things were all coming together at roughly the same time and Becky was getting a little confused. After we got things in order, Becky wanted to know what time each character showed up at a location. (A great idea)
            If character J gets there after character I, and character B is 10 minutes behind, then B would have to have left slightly before character C. Character E has to be gone before J sees character A, or A won’t get there until long after I has left. But what if C leaves first? Then C and B would get there at the same time.
            You can see how confusing it can get, and we labored over our character’s comings and goings for what seemed like forever. Finally, we got it all worked out, and once again we proved that old rhyme: I before E except after C. 

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