Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby-Doll Conductor

“You’re so funny!”
“Where do you come up with your ideas?”
“That was brilliant!”
I hear these comments all the time. Okay, maybe not all of them all the time, but some of them some of the time.
Yesterday my wife Pammy and our 14-year-old grandson, Blake, were shopping for my granddaughter’s present for her second birthday.
Blake, mortified at the thought of his friends seeing him in the doll aisle, grouched and grumbled all the way until “Peek-a-boo!” sounded from the shelf beside them.
He stopped dead in his tracks. “They’re motion sensored!” That familiar feisty smile came across his face, and before Pammy could say, “Don’t you dare!” Blake ran down the aisle,  flailed his arms in front of the displays, and roused a chorus of peek-a-boos from the baby doll choir.
Blake was delighted with his performance. Pammy was embarrassed. An elderly couple at the end of the aisle chuckled at Blake’s antics
And I had another gem I can use in a story someday.
Some people seem to think I’m so creative and so imaginative, but it’s really only a matter of keeping your eyes and ears open, and keeping track of the little gems people give you in your everyday life.
But, if someone wants to peg me as brilliant for retrieving something like this from my memory for the sake of one of my stories, I’ll just have to learn to live with the praise.

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