Monday, September 20, 2010

Bat poop on the patio door

Oops! Maybe she was a bigger fan of bat guano than I thought. Okay, there is a time and a place for everything, but that just wasn’t it. (I do know that sometime before the end of the novel she will find a way to sneak it in.)

In spite of me marking out Becky’s bat guano, our last meeting was pleasant. She is usually a very pleasant person, but near the end of the meeting she started grilling me about everything! Who, when, where, how, who knew what, and when did they know it?

She didn’t see the scene as saw it when I wrote it, basically meaning the scene I wrote wasn’t written well enough to be clear readers. How could she not know it was a patio door? Sheesh, I see it so clearly in my head!

After what felt like a high-level Senate interrogation, I now know the problems with it, and can—hopefully—fix them. Any time the reader (in this case, Becky) has a question, there is a problem.

Now I can rewrite the scene, and it shouldn’t be referred to again as bat guano.  

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